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Holly Woodman Textiles

Firethorn Lino Print Cushion Cover

Firethorn Lino Print Cushion Cover

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I have visited the Isles of Scilly every summer since I was born. There is so much inspiration on the Islands, and they have influenced a lot of my work. It is such a special place, with its own beautiful plants and characteristics. One of them being the passenger ferries which transports the locals and visitors from one island to another, in the scene it has arrived at Bryher Quay. 'Firethorn' is the boat owned by Tresco and Bryher. It's one of the most classic scenes of my summer holidays (usually we are running to get the boat, late as usual!) 

Dimensions: 16 x 16 inch.

Composition: Digitally printed cotton drill with navy blue backing fabric. Printed and made in the UK.

Care: Wash at 30 max and line dry.

If you would like a special scene to you designed as a lino cut please so also get in contact for commission prices.


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