holly woodman textiles
Thanks so much for visiting my site. I’m Holly, a print designer based in my studio in London. Since graduating in Textiles from Falmouth Uni, I have been creating fabric designs for a variety of clients and building my business. I love nothing more than being outside, sea swimming and sketching with a cup of tea! With an ever expanding collection of cushions and prints my business is growing and I'm super excited for the future.
My designs reflect nostalgic and sentimental memories. Having studied in Cornwall, and visited the beautiful Isles of Scilly every summer, I am hugely inspired by the Cornish environment and natural habitat (some could say rather obsessed)!  I also offer a bespoke design service, and have created prints for a variety of clients, markets and products. 
I have worked in the creative industry for the past 6 years and have learnt so much along the way. My roles have been primarily 'business' side roles, which I have loved but I always missed being able to create too. The development of my company meant I could carry on doing what I loved in my spare time - drawing, printing and creating! My goal is to bring joy and warmth into people lives and homes while being mindful of how my products are created.
All my products are made in the UK using eco-friendly materials where possible, and packaged with love. I offer furnishings and homeware accessories developed from my lino cuts, watercolour paintings and collage. Many of my designs draw inspiration from locations, creating products people can connect with on a personal level.
Holly x