Tresco Island Bespoke Screen Design

Bespoke Screen Design - Tresco Estate

I created this laser cut sliding screen design, for a new luxury home build on Tresco Island. Tresco is a privately owned Island, with luxurious, 5 star holiday cottages. I was delighted when Tania Streeter, the talented interior designer working on the build, came to me with an idea to create a laser cut screen. It is such an innovative way to add privacy to the spa area without losing the beautiful Scilly light, which still pours into the interior.

So from my London studio, during a rather dreary January, I referred back to my many years worth of photos, sketches and paintings to start to bring together a design I thought would work well. Of course I had to get some of my favourite Scilly plants in there; Agapanthus and Protea. These worked well, layered between large palm leaf forms and climbing Montbretia. I wanted to create a feel of the canopy of plants seen in the Tresco Abbey Gardens.

It was interesting to work on something so different to fabric. I had to make sure all the plant forms connected, so as to not make any weak areas of the screen.  The overall structure had to have a balance of delicate shapes to let light through, but enough cover to create stability in the screen. It was certainly a new challenge, which I really enjoyed. It reminded me of the beauty of negative space within a design - which was beautifully illustrated in the shadows the screen shows in the interior when the light pours in. 

Thank you to Tania at Studio Streeter for working with me on this, and of course Tresco Estate. The Blockhouse property is truly gorgeous and the perfect reflection of all things Scilly. 

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